Scalp Acne

Acne can appear in many places. Where ever it is, it is bound to mess up plans, play games with our emotions, and just ruin an experience. Treatment methods and proactive solution are everywhere and it can be hard to know which is right for your type of skin and acne. There are treatments for different skin types and different locations of acne breakouts. The face, back, neck, and shoulders are more common. However now even the scalp can be effected by acne. If everywhere else on the body wasn’t enough it has finally made it to the head.

Scalp acne is similar to acne on the face and other areas. The main difference is scalp acne is substantially hard to treat because of all the hair that is usually in the way. Most people with scalp acne do not notice pimples. Some areas, depending on the severity, may be tender and sore to the touch. These areas usually clear up within three weeks.

To prevent or treat scalp acne, attempt to not use oily products on the hair. The more oil present the more acne tends to flare-up. Hairstyling products like gel and hairspray need to be used sparingly as they can make current acne worse. Though treatment can be difficult just due to the location, there are treatment methods that have been known to work for scalp acne.

Treatment methods are very similar when treating acne on the scalp compared to acne on the rest of the body; in more common places. A main exception is benzoyl peroxide. It has been known to bleach hair. Things like salicylic acid can be used on the scalp and only really works for light acne cases.

The easiest treatment that gets decent results is using dandruff shampoo. Ingredients to scalp acne help to regenerate cell growth and cure dry skin. The ingredients are also beneficial for prone skin. This means that many dandruff shampoos are good for facial and body acne as well since oily hair will not be making contact with the skin.

No matter where the acne is located, resist the urge to scratch and pick. Though no one can see your acne scars when they are on your head however by irritating the acne on the scalp you can create a tender environment and bleeding is common. Use dandruff shampoo for four weeks to see if there has been any change; if not speak with a dermatologist for further treatment.